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Lombok Island 2010

Lombok Island 2010

Senggigi Beach

Sigit & Senggigi
 it was a great sunny afternoon, when my plane was heading towards Lombok, an island which locates on Lesser Sunda Islands.
eventually it's an island across Bali (if you were never heard Lesser Sunda though).
a direct trip by plane it's only 30-45 minutes from the island of Java, and from Bali, it's only 15 minutes less (so you would feel like having a pee).
my plane arrived on Selaparang Airport in Mataram, and my best friend Sigit, has already showed up and took me to his house (it's always nice to have local friend, if you want to save your money for other needs :D kidding).
I had no idea at the 1st time, how Lombok was, but Sigit confessed me it's worthy beautiful island, and.. yes indeed it's a beautiful island.
My 1st spot was on Senggigi Beach. it's just about 30 minutes from Mataram, you just drive North and you won't miss (cause it has lots of signs, if you miss, means you can't bloody read alphabets)
Senggigi is just similar like Kuta in Bali, lots of hotels, lots of Restaurants, white sandy beach, and also great sunset. it's a public beach, so sometimes you'll obviously meet locals or foreigners and surely sellers. and if you wanted to   
have a good view, just go South, you'll find some 
Malimbo View
hotels who have private area (and bet you won't find any sellers). the water is nice but beware of sharp shells on the beach (it bleeds you instead).
Kuta Lombok
My 2nd spot was on Malimbo, it's a hill with a great view (ocean, hills and rain forest). you can just go straight after Senggigi and you'll find a big hill, there's Malimbo. Sometimes some TV crews are having their set here, cause the scene would absolutely perfect with this view (and you won't have any chance to enjoy Malimbu, cause it's too damn crowded). but, if you go further, you'll be at Bangsal, a small port who connects Lombok Island with Gili Islands (which I will describe it later on).
Sigit & Kuta Lombok
and my 3rd spot was Kuta Lombok. compared by those 2 previous spots, Kuta Lombok was the furthest spot. it's on the south of the island. we both took 2 hours by bike from Mataram. but if you take your flight to Lombok International Airport in Praya, South Lombok. it would take 30 minutes there. 
Kuta Lombok Sandy Beach
After 2 hours ride, we both found a great beach, white sands, warm water, tranquille and no crowds. it's a surfer spot instead, so take off your pants, bring on your ding and enjoy the wave...

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